How can I trust the quality of your service?

Punto Traduzioni guarantees that each project is performed to the highest quality, because we use only tried-and-tested professionals who have been evaluated against exacting standards. What’s more, all our procedures are certified to ISO 9001:2008 and to our industry’s specific standard, UNI EN ISO 17100:2015. Find out more about all the steps in our translation process and how we work.

How do you price a project?

It depends on various factors, including the nature of the project.

For translation, it hinges on the total number of words (excluding repetitions), the complexity of the terminology, and the degree of urgency.
The language you require may affect the translation cost, so we may quote different prices for European and non-European languages.
And finally, regular clients can benefit from our new digital systems and enjoy further savings by leveraging translations that we have done for them before.
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Interpreting projects depend on different criteria: the type of interpreting (simultaneous, consecutive or liaison), the location, and the level of urgency.
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The rates for a content- and information-management consultation depend on what you want to achieve and where you are starting from. Our preliminary analysis will establish that.
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How do you ensure that my details and the information that I provide you are kept confidential and not disclosed?

Everyone who works for Punto Traduzioni must sign a confidentiality and non-disclosure agreement. They also sign a declaration committing them to translate every text or interpret every sentence objectively.

Furthermore, Punto Traduzioni is ready to sign a confidentiality agreement with you.

Can I have references from your existing clients?

Precisely because Punto Traduzioni is bound by specific confidentiality agreements, the names of the companies for which we work are strictly confidential.

That said, you can ask us for references for specific sectors, and we shall treat your request as a priority.

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How can I send you the documents for translation?

You can send us your documents via email, fax or the post.

But to benefit from Punto Traduzioni’s highly computerised process, we recommend that you send the documents in editable digital format via email.

How much will my translation cost?

Before we can answer that, we need to see the text, which you can send us in a file via fax or email or upload to our FTP area.

As soon as we receive your file, we assess all your requirements and prepare a quotation.

Which formats can you handle?

Punto Traduzioni supports most formats for PC or Mac, both for text editors and for graphics and technical-drawing suites.

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Which languages do you translate into?

We translate into all the languages of the main international markets in Europe, North and South America, and the emerging Asian and African markets.

How will you send me the finished project?

Punto Traduzioni can send you the translated documentation through various channels: in digital format via our FTP area or email, or as hard copy through the post, via fax or courier for sworn or legalised documents, where the original is attached to the translation.

Punto Traduzioni will use the most appropriate channel for your requirements.

Who will be my contact at Punto Traduzioni?

After the project has been confirmed, Punto Traduzioni will assign a named project manager based on the language and business sector involved.

You can contact your project manager directly for clarifications or to discuss deadlines or specific requirements. Your PM will always be available via email, telephone or Skype to handle alterations, variations or other needs that may arise during the project.

How do you select the team that will work on my project?

Everyone who works for Punto Traduzioni is a professional with years of experience and a degree typically in languages but often in one of many other subjects.

To create the team, Punto Traduzioni selects the most appropriate people given the language, industry specialism and technical knowledge required to handle your project’s specific content.

What are the steps in a translation project?

The standard procedure comprises text analysis, translation, revision and a final check.

Text analysis – assessing the technical difficulty, counting the words and repetitions, and finding material that can be re-used from earlier translations by Punto Traduzioni. That tells us the exact amount of text to translate and revise.

Translation – strictly by native-speaker translators with considerable experience in the industrial sector to which the document relates.

Revision – checking the document in its entirety. Specifically, we ensure that the terminology is accurate, that the text is complete, and that the style, spelling and grammar are right.

Final check – we give the translated document a visual check in its original format, adapting the layout if necessary to set off the foreign-language text to best effect.

How long does it usually take?

We can propose a delivery date as part of the quote. However, the deadline for delivering the final document may vary according to the amount of text to translate and the number of languages to translate it into.

Punto Traduzioni can always offer bespoke solutions if you have particularly urgent requirements or tight deadlines.

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How much does an interpreter cost?

Before we can quote a firm price, we need to know where, when and for what kind of event you need your interpreter(s).

The type of interpretation and the language also affect the price.

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Do you have interpreters in every country?

Yes, our network of interpreters includes the main cities in Italy and overseas. That helps you save on the interpreter’s travel and accommodation expenses.

After establishing how many interpreters and which language you need, we can tell you straight away if we have someone locally.

If we don’t, then we find interpreters as near to the event location as possible, unless you want a specific interpreter with whom you have already worked successfully in the past.

Do you hire equipment for simultaneous interpreting?

Yes. Depending on your event, Punto Traduzioni can advise on the necessary equipment and supply it to you as part of the interpreting project.

For international conferences, seminars or congresses, we provide soundproof booths plus cordless headphones for the audience.

For smaller meetings, we offer cost-effective solutions, such as portable receivers linked to microphone units.

And our technical staff will set it all up.

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Do I have to install some software?

To start managing your content effectively, you do not need to buy new software.

Punto Traduzioni will devise a process using your existing tools; together, we’ll develop practical strategies to reorganise your information for optimum clarity, coherence and concision.

We can document this new method in a personalised style guide for your company that will enable you to save money on translation costs while using your information effectively.

You could then consider purchasing software later.

Will I have to change my current CMS?

If you already use a Content Management System, then Punto Traduzioni will support you in restructuring your content to make the most of your outlay.

A good CMS can boost turnover and provide a good return on investment only if the information is well organised underneath.

How long does the improvement process take?

Before agreeing on a target completion date, we need to clarify what you want to achieve.

Punto Traduzioni will perform a preliminary analysis of your documentation to determine the steps needed to organise your content, so that you can enjoy the benefits of better revenue and a linear, economical workflow.

Do I need to travel to courses or meetings?

The type of training may vary depending on your company, your goals and various factors that we shall agree as and when required.

In any case, Punto Traduzioni also offers distance learning through tailor-made webinars run exclusively for you.