Technical writing strategies focused on constant improvement

Implementing a structured editorial process translates into reduced costs and editing times.
With our experience and expertise, Punto Traduzioni is the right consultant to guide you on your customised path to developing a winning strategy for your company.

Each company is a unique reality and manages its documents in different ways, Punto Traduzioni will analyse your current processes, both in terms of tools and content.
And, if necessary, we will recommend the right IT tools to use and also provide you with an overview of the risks and costs.

  • Analysis of documents, tools and processes
  • Feasible improvements overview

The editorial process also involves the successive translation process and distribution of the content through the necessary channels.
We work alongside you to devise an efficient workflow, using a concrete approach to document management that we have developed with many companies that use a wide variety of content management systems.

  • We offer advice on the most common IT tools on the market
  • Complete planning & design: from drafting to translation

Many documents need to follow specific editorial guidelines and use standardised terminology. Then there are projects that have a high incidence of repeat phrases and words.
Whatever your needs, Punto Traduzioni can offer you practical assistance in reusing as much of your content as possible, optimising savings and delivery times.

  • Editorial guidelines for drafting and editing documents in structured languages
  • Technical writing courses on writing rules and techniques

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If you want to be competitive on the international market then price-quality rapport is essential, but keeping an eye on client satisfaction is also a key factor in guaranteeing the success and continuity of your company.

Implementing a content management process allows you to reduce copy drafting, translation costs and project delivery times, while also improving the overall quality of the document for the end-user.

Punto Traduzioni will guide you on this personalised path to developing an effective and constant improvement strategy that will allow you to manage all your documents independently.

  • Tried-and-tested, because we’ve already worked on many other companies’ processes, so know which methods work best for each type of company
  • A team effort, because your objectives become our own
  • Profitable, because we know your objective is to make profit, and optimised processes guarantee increased productivity
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