Advertising translation for successful web marketing

On-line texts are one of the most viewed forms of advertising and can make or break the success of your corporate image or brand.
We can help you with your advertising translations and make sure you’re sending out the right message to your online audience.

After spending hours working on your web site, content and metatags, it would be a shame to ruin all that hard work with a poor-quality translation.
Our translators are specialists in multilingual SEO and making your text as engaging and natural as possible in the target language.

  • Web site, landing pages and digital content translation
  • Multi-lingual SEO research
  • Management of XML, Excel and other exportable CMS file formats

Video content is becoming increasingly popular as a way to engage users. From simple slideshows to WebTV channels, communication no longer relies solely on the written word.
With our subtitle and processional voice-over services, you can make your videos accessible to your entire international network.

  • Subtitle translation and graphic adaption
  • A whole range of solutions for sharing large-format files
  • A wide variety of language combinations

Even today, print advertising still plays a big role in a company’s marketing campaign. Press releases, brochures, packaging… the list goes on.
Punto Traduzioni can manage data from numerous editorial and graphics applications. And we’ll not only translate the content, we’ll page-set it for you as well!

  • We can manage InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, Office and OpenOffice files
  • Transcreation of advertising slogans
  • Mother-tongue translators with experience in copywriting, advertising, journalism, marketing and publishing

Client acquisition and loyalty.

To foster customer loyalty and gain new clients (and profit), you can’t get by with English alone.
Conquer new markets by speaking the users’ language!
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In this digitalised world, getting noticed on the international market requires a multilingual web presence.

If you want to tap into the potential of the overseas market, then it’s fundamental to speak to your audience in the right way and in the right language.

Punto Traduzioni can translate your digital ad advertising content in the languages you need most, helping you communicate with overseas collaborators; strengthen relations with loyal customers, and gain new customers and contacts on the international market.

  • Multilingual, thanks to our trusted network of professionals, who work in a wide variety of language combinations.
  • Digital, because we can manage numerous file formats and content.
  • Fast, thanks to our expert, internal graphic designers, who will deliver your documents ready for publication or print.
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