Reliable language services for a highly specialist field.

The energy sector produces highly technical, specialist content.
And technical regulations and terminology standards must be respected even in a translation.

Large-scale construction and infrastructure works require qualified language services that can cover every stage of the production process, from planning to opening of the site.
Our team liaises with key professional figures in the sector on a daily basis, allowing us to efficiently respond to all your translation needs.

  • Customised workflow processes
  • An integrated translation service for legal, financial and advertising documents
  • Legalised, sworn and certified translations for tender applications

The Green philosophy has become a global phenomenon and many companies are eager to export their technical knowledge to overseas countries that are willing to invest.
We can provide you will all the multilingual documents your need to help you penetrate the more receptive markets.

  • Translations for European funding applications
  • We manage a wide variety of document formats
  • Use and control of standardised terminology

The waste recovery, disposal and transportation sector produce enormous amounts of content that often needs to be translated and sent to different countries.
Punto Traduzioni provides concrete support in translating logistic, technology and machinery documents in the waste disposal sector.

  • Translation of certificates, permits and notices
  • Reuse of previously translated or similar content

Technology at technologies service

Software for reusing content, automated quality control systems and close monitoring of standard terminology.
Here’s our strategy for flawless content!
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Every stage of a project involves different professional figures and companies. This process generates a wide variety of different types of content, even for the same end-product.

Making sure these documents give a coherent and consistent company image in the eyes of investors, contractors and government bodies can give you that competitive edge.

Over the years Punto Traduzioni has been a strategic partner and language solutions provider for many companies, integrating our processes with our clients. The result? Consistent and accurate technical, legal, financial and advertising translations that enable the client to quickly and easily reuse previously translated text, helping them to considerably reduce costs.

  • Integrated, because we optimise all our processes with your workflow.
  • Automated, because our software allows us to recover similar translations and cut costs.
  • Accurate and consistent, thanks to a regulated, digital terminology control system that is updated in real-time.
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