Compliance and operational efficiency for the financial sector

The challenges of the financial and economic sector have changed and are changing every day. Be they start-ups, limited or public companies, businesses are constantly dealing with new demands, regulations and changes in information technologies.
Punto Traduzioni has the tools to solve each of these problems.

Financial statements are a fundamental tool and an important source of information for creditors, investors and other organisations that are evaluating the benefits of a prospective partnership.
Our translations will allow you to improve the efficiency of the management and economic/financial reporting process, while also guaranteeing quick and easy access to all the information about the decision-making processes.

  • Financial statements, consolidated financial statements and much more besides
  • Use of IAS/IFRS terminology (International Accounting Standards and International Financial Reporting Standards) when required.
  • Specialist revisers with experience in accounting and finance

Constant, accurate and rapid dialogue with partners and investors is a fundamental aspect of a company’s life.
For many years, Punto Traduzioni has been working alongside companies where financial relations and marketing are a fundamental tool for communicating company decisions and results to important players.

  • Translation of financial reports, forecasts and information
  • Management of urgent documents to guarantee speed-to-market communications

Minutes of board and management meetings are important documents that outline the decisions taken on behalf of the shareholders and third-party companies.
This is why it’s so important for them to be readily available to all the people involved on both a national and international scale. We can help you achieve this, because our translations will always be accurate and delivered to your inbox on time.

  • Translation of minutes for board and annual general meetings (AGM)
  • Management of multiple file formats