Legal translations for international procedures

Management of international company and trade law can be a mine field if you haven’t got a good translation of your documents.
Read on to find out how we manage your different communication needs.

Contracts, mergers, acquisitions, bankruptcy proceedings, articles of association and litigation…
Each document will be translated perfectly and, if necessary, we can even provide legalised, sworn and certified translations too.

  • Qualified and accurate linguistic support
  • Legalised, sworn and certified translations
  • Complete protection of your personal information

Are you working to a tight deadline and need to translate multiple documents urgently for a tender?
Punto Traduzioni has all the technical expertise to provide you with complete and accurate translations of your tender documents.

  • Management of urgent/priority translations
  • Translation of legal and financial documents
  • Save money on documents that contain similar or repeated text

The intellectual property of a company determines its competitivity and this asset must be easy to understand in every market segment.
Thanks to our team of brand and patent experts, we help you export your intellectual property overseas.

  • Translation of patent applications
  • Intellectual property protection – even overseas
  • Translations that are completely faithful to the source text

Professionalism in every sector

When dealing with the overseas market, a good translation is your company’s first line of defence.
Let us manage your legal documents and help you present your company to the world in the right way.
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Legal translation is a highly specialist field with its own unique language that requires extreme precision and in-depth knowledge of legal procedures.

It’s a sector in which the words “confidentiality” and “specialist skill” always walk hand-in-hand. Not to mention those often ultra-tight deadlines, which makes translating legal documents even more demanding.

At Punto Traduzioni, we’ve developed a network of professionals with a vast knowledge of the legal field, allowing us to cover a wide variety of specialist areas. And all of them have signed a confidentiality agreement, so you can rest assured that your sensitive information will always be in safe hands.

  • Highly skilled, because we know about the legal procedures of every country.
  • Accurate, thanks to our extensive network of specialist, sector professionals.
  • Guaranteed, because every document is controlled and approved by lawyers and expert legal consultants.
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