Translations for the medical technology and cosmetics industries

Medical and scientific translations require the utmost precision, reliability and professionalism.
At Punto Traduzioni we have all these requirements covered.

Every electromedical device comes with technical manuals, brochures and software.
With Punto Traduzioni, even the most sophisticated medical terminology will always be accurate, reliable and thoroughly checked before each consignment.

  • Translation of software and technical manuals
  • Excellent price-quality rapport
  • ISO certified internal processes

Cosmetics and devices for home-use often come with different types of content, like patient information leaflets, instructions, packaging, brochures and websites.
In order to overcome the challenges of the international market, your content needs to be accurate, consistent, reliable and read well in the target language.

  • Complete management of patient/user information leaflets, from translation to page layout
  • Verification and alignment of the terminology across different documents
  • Advertising and website translation

An accurate translation is not only important for the product information and instruction leaflets, it’s also a must on packaging and containers.
At Punto Traduzioni, we translate labels and instructions for pharmaceutical and cosmetic products, all in line with current regulations.

  • Label translation
  • Translation of files in a wide variety of formats, including Photoshop, Illustrator and other graphic suites

Every field in the life science sector

The medical technologies sector is extremely varied and encompasses a wide variety of institutions and regulations, which also means catering to many different requirements and international standards.
Be it technical or informative, we translate every type of document.
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In the medical-scientific sector, accurate translations are a fundamental requirement, because these documents are regulated by very strict laws and need to be completely error-free.

The subject and size of medical or scientific documents is often extremely varied. This requires enormous flexibility and precision, especially with large projects that are often carried out by more than one translator, because we need to ensure that the quality remains consistent throughout, even between older versions of the document.

Punto Traduzioni relies on a vast network of collaborators, who have expertise in a wide variety of subjects: from expert linguists in the sector, right the way through to specialist copywriters, proof-readers and copy-editors. In turn, their work is supported by our internal team of linguists using specialist databases and standardised terminology tools.

  • Accurate and reliable, thanks to automatic quality and terminology control systems.
  • Flexible, because all our work processes are designed to ensure consistent quality across projects, regardless of the language, document length or subject.
  • Efficient, because our system can reuse previously translated content, guaranteeing a competitive price-quality rapport.
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