Interpreting: the multilingual service that bridges the cultural divide

In this digitalised age, negotiations and conferences rely on multimedia devices more than ever before, helping to bridge the cultural and geographical distance between companies, clients and suppliers.

Building long-lasting relationships with your overseas partners is easier when it’s done face-to-face.
Whether you’re providing training or negotiating a business deal, the support of an expert language professional is fundamental. And Punto Traduzioni will be there for you, whatever the occasion.

  • Mother-tongue linguists with at least 5-years’ experience
  • Specialist professionals from a wide variety of business fields
  • Traceability and interpreter feedback

When organising or taking part in international events, being able to rely on accredited interpreters is a fundamental key to success.
With our widespread network of professional interpreters, Punto Traduzioni has got your interpreting needs fully covered.

  • Accessible fees
  • We source interpreters who are as close to your location as possible
  • Quick and efficient sourcing of interpreters

With the rise of new technologies, like Skype and other messaging services, you no longer always need an interpreter onsite.
In fact, we also provide support for videoconferences, telephone and online calls, allowing you fast access to our interpreting services with a simple click of a mouse.

  • Obligation of secrecy before, during and after the services have been rendered
  • Interpreters are bound by a confidentiality and non-disclosure agreement

Find the right interpreter for you.

Meetings, tradeshows, business deals or technical training, we can source the right interpreter for all your needs!
What are you waiting for? Leave interpreting to our professionals!
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Using a professional interpreting service will allow you to enter meetings and negotiations with the confidence that your message will be interpreted in the best possible way to help you achieve your goals.

Our team of interpreters will work as part of your team, providing their language services at your office, meeting place and even at international events, like conferences and tradeshows.

But the collaboration doesn’t end here. Our interpreters are bound by a professional confidentiality code that prohibits them from disclosing any information or documents that come to their knowledge.

  • Safe, because we only use qualified and experienced interpreters
  • Versatile, because we have the right solutions for a wide variety of events
  • Efficient, because it allows you to free-up your internal resources and even source interpreters overseas
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