Consistency in business terminology management.

A reference point in a sea of language variants

Often the use of informal or incorrect terms generates not only a confused image of the company, but above all, difficulties in internal management. Termshare is the tool and service that bridges the gap caused by autonomous linguistic interpretation and definition.

Rapid searches
Web-based software, saving time and energy.

Termshare’s complete and constantly updated database will save you time. Term searches will no longer be a question of an arbitrary choice, but will rely on a shared and approved repository.

Complete information
Everything you are looking for just a click away.

The terminology collection, in addition to offering a structured linguistic overview, gathers ancillary information to better guide staff in selecting the most appropriate terms in the given context.

Functional approach
A responsive TMS with an intuitive interface

Simple to use, Termshare is able to meet companies’ growing needs for term harmonization, consistency, precision, completeness and speed. The result of extensive experimental research, the system is compliant with ISO 1087:2019 requirements.

How many different words are you using for the same production component?

Every business should be able to draw on a validated and properly maintained terminology database.

Termshare can help!
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The benefits

A single terminology repository


Clear internal communication prevents dispersion or fragmentation of knowledge and ensures a concrete increase in efficiency.

Strategic Advantage

Consistent terminology is synonymous with a stronger and more competitive corporate identity and improves the user experience.


Structured management of terms and their translations is the ideal solution for medium-sized companies, who often work with multiple product lines.

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