Technical translations

Watertight professional translations for every sector.

Technically accurate translated documentation is vital if you want to bring your products to international markets.

Punto Traduzioni supplies correct, effective technical translations with all the rigour and precision that your industry regulations demand. Our specialist approach meets the needs of companies that operate on overseas markets while communicating with users all over the world.

The benefits

A concrete contribution to your business success

Clear brand identity

Consistent terminology helps to raise your company’s profile, adding strategic value.

Optimum efficiency

We leverage our experience to save valuable time on similar projects.

Customer satisfaction

Clear translations reduce the need for after-sales support and boosts your customer satisfaction.

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Multilingual materials

What we deal with every day


Exporting technology means supplying machinery and software complete with translated manuals that comply with international regulations. We familiarise ourselves closely with your market, its terminology and your customers, to provide you with user-friendly specialist translations.


The text in apps, software and interfaces requires great care, as that is what users and machine operators rely on. The language must be clear, precise and readily comprehensible – even if space is tight.

Technical drawings

Technical drawings often contain highly repetitive text and very specific terminology. Even more important than the words, the visuals must be preserved in the translated version, with all the original dimensions intact.

The kind of technical translations we handle:

  • User manuals
  • Machinery manuals
  • Safety data sheets
  • Operating procedures
  • Technical sheets
  • CAD drawings
  • User guides
  • Technical reports
  • Regulations
  • Patents

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