Sworn translation

Your one-stop shop for sworn translation services.

Confirming the legal value of your documents.

Swearing and legalisation are now an essential aspect of international business. Entrust your sworn translations to a specialist team.

Sworn translation
If you want your foreign documents to have legal value in Italy, this is what you need.

Besides translating your texts, we take care of all the formalities at the nearest law court, so you receive documents that are sworn and ready to use.

This is a mandatory requirement for all Italian documents that need to have legal value abroad.

Whatever you need, Punto Traduzioni can help, by identifying the most suitable solution and selecting the court based on the stated deadline.

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We take care of both the translation and the legalisation, saving you valuable time.

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We know our way around every country’s legal systems, so we can always assure you the outcome you need.

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