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We provide language solutions that make your company’s internationalisation process easier


Every translation project is about combining the right people and skills to help you reach your business objectives. We build fruitful, long-lasting relationships with our clients, sharing our knowledge and ideas, supporting you every step of the way, to help you connect with your overseas audience.


With our wide range of multi-lingual solutions, we help you build winning strategies for all your international communication and marketing needs. We see each project as part of a broader, constant improvement strategy, to make sure you get lasting benefits from your investment. In fact, we’re not just a service supplier, we like to see ourselves as your strategic partner.

Linguists with the geek factor

When dealing with the overseas market, knowing the language and culture of that specific country is fundamental, but technology, automated digital devices and information management systems are also key for the efficient management of translation projects. Tell us more about your company and your translation needs – we can’t wait to work with you on your next challenge!

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Punto Traduzioni is managed by professional linguists and has been providing translation, proofreading, copy-editing and localisation services since 1986.
In all these years, we have supported organisations working in a wide spectrum of specialist fields.
We have provided real, practical assistance to iron out problems and to ease the frustrations in selling to international markets.

We have seen technologies come and go. The planet has become a smaller place, and the way products are marketed has changed. The world moves to a different rhythm; the market has new standards; and regulations have fresh significance.

Today, you need to communicate fast and effectively, without breaking the rules. But many organisations have production lines to run and don’t have the time to stop just to find some words.

Punto Traduzioni makes overseas communication simpler. We provide the words you need, when you need them, in line with the rules. By providing four independent services that can be combined together, we create tailored strategies to help any organisation succeed abroad.

A product has to have a guarantee – naturally.
Our guarantee is an intangible asset that will increase in value over time, because what we do is based on many years of experience in the sector.

We invest daily in technology, training and constant research. These benefits all set us apart from those who use digital tools indiscriminately, who do not challenge their knowledge by learning new things, or who do not update their resources to keep up with the times.

You can touch the intangible.
You can achieve excellence through a long-term commitment built by investing in each stage of each project, with us.

A revolution in terminology

We have created a new, web-based software – just for you – that revolutionises and simplifies the management of your company’s glossary.

A centralised database that can be consulted by every department, where you will be able to find all your company’s approved and prohibited terminology. Each search will also include in-depth information on the specific word looked up, guaranteeing increased consistency across all your communication.

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Our certificates

An organised workflow and attention to detail are our guarantee of an accurate and reliable translation.
ISO 9001:2015

After obtaining ISO 9001:2008 certification, we also decided to apply for the new, revised ISO 9001:2015 certificate. As well as being an official certificate of quality and compliance, for us this was a real test of the proactive skills we apply in every process. Through an in-depth analysis of the necessary preventative measures, we develop risk and opportunity management strategies that enable us to satisfy our clients’ needs – even beyond their wildest expectations.

ISO 17100:2017

We felt it was fundamental to integrate the company standardisation processes with the specific regulations for the translation services sector. The ISO 17100:2017 industry standard certifies that translation alone, in the strict sense of the word, cannot be a guarantee of quality unless the text has been adequately proofread. We share this same idea of attention to detail and accuracy, allocating each project to professional translators to provide you with impeccable service, all completely in line with ISO guidelines.